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Good Afternoon Friends,

Our message for Sunday, January 19, will be: "Amazing Profit."

I am quite sure there is not one reading this post whom, given the inside information on how to reap a large profit…without any risk at all, would not jump at the chance to take full advantage of the offer. Well, in this message, I am going to give you some “insider” information on how to make an “Amazing Profit” on your investment. But, let me warn you, to make this “Amazing Profit” requires just as much of an “Amazing Faith.” Because, what I am going to share with you comes directly from God’s word.

First, let us understand, we do not give with the idea that our giving will result in an “Amazing Profit.” We give because it is the statute of God. We give because it is a “free will” offering…a demonstration of our LOVE for the One who loved us so much that he gave his own life to clear the path for our forgiveness and eternal life. We give to demonstrate the love of God in our own lives. And, we give out of compassion for those who are less fortunate.

And, if we are looking for an "Amazing Profit" the idea is to look "UP." We don't gain this type of profit by looking on a horizontal plane. If you have noticed in your life that all things which advance us are gained by "climbing the ladder" then we also understand that "Amazing Profit" is gained by looking "UP" in everything we do.

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we take a look at this "Insider" information.


Our Annual Conference went well this year. There are lots of new things on the horizon but we need YOU and your SUPPORT to make these things happen. Please join with us to make Snow Hill better, stronger, and of more influence.

Cantata CD’s

Copies of the Christmas Cantata are available. Please see Sister Brenda McGalliard if you would like one.

Chaplinwood Nursing Home

Our Snow Hill Choir will perform for the residents of Chaplinwood Nursing Home on March 1 when Pastor Archie presents them with a message. Please plan to show them your support.

Choir Practice

Choir practice will resume at 5:00 this afternoon. If you would like to be a part of this special time of worship, please see Brother Ben.

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Snow Hill Church  Celebrated 100 years of worship on April 18, 2018

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